What are Computer Glasses?

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses (also known as screen glasses) protect your eyes by blocking harmful rays of blue light thanks to a blue light filter in the lenses. Our blue-cut technology only blocks harmful light, while 'safe light' can still pass through. This gives you the ultimate balance between natural colors and optimal protection. Relux!

The Benefits of wearing Computer Glasses


When you wear computer glasses for the first time, you'll experience warmer colors. This will provide noticeably more comfort while looking at a screen.


Blue light emitted by digital screens is very hard for your eyes to process. Reluxer strongly reduces unnecessary visual stimuli, which allows you to focus more easily on what's on your screen.


Blue light disrupts the natural sleep cycle. Six hours of screen time during the day could move your sleep cycle up to three hours. Reluxer reduces the effect blue light has on your sleep.


The eye fatigue that occurs after a period of uninterupted screen time will temporarily reduce eyesight. This causes you to sit closer to the screen near the end of the day, which results in bad posture. With Reluxer you can maintain your posture.


The slightly warmer tints provide better contrast, which makes reading from a screen a lot easier. Our blue light filter will make looking at a screen a lot more pleasant.


Blue light is hard for your eyes to process, causing them to go into overdrive. Your eyes are working so hard that the cells on your retina die at a faster rate. With Reluxer this strain is taken away for optimal protection of your precious eyes.

When do I need Computer Glasses?


If you spend more than two hours per day looking at a screen, then computer glasses are a smart investment. As you know UV-light can instantly and easily damage your eyes and that is why it's recommended to wear sunglasses when the sun is out. Blue light on the other hand still contains enough energy to damage your eyesight, but over a longer period of time. At more than two hours of screen time per day you run the risk of accelerated aging of your eyes.

Europeans spend on average about three hours per day looking at screens, outside of work. If you work with computers for your job, your average will certainly be much higher. A long day at work staring at a screen has never stopped anyone from scrolling through our feeds on the train or turning on Netflix when we get home. A computer glass is a must-have in this digital age.

Why Reluxer?

We care about your eyes

At Reluxer we believe eyesight is one of the most precious gifts in life. It is our mission to protect and preserve the eyesight of our customers against the hazards of our digitalisation. Our blue-cut technology is designed to strongly reduce the adverse effects your screens have on your eyes and to provide you with noticeable comfort.

Look Good, Feel Good

Function should not exclude fashion, because at the same time we want you to look good. We selected timelessly fashionable frames, made from premium materials. Scratch resistant and anti-reflective lenses, premium acetate and titanium frames and the best blue-light technology available. All of this in one pair of glasses. Our customers don't have to compromise.

30 Days Trial

We want to make a difference in the lives of our customers and happy customers make us happy. That's why we offer a 30-days refund period for our customers to experience the difference for themselves. If Reluxer does not make a difference in your life in the first 30 days, we are happy to take back the glasses and return your money. Please check our FAQ for the conditions. Try Reluxer and feel the difference.


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