What is Blue Light?

This is why it's hard to fall asleep after looking at a screen

It's widely acknowledged that blue light has a negative effect on your sleep cycle. This is because it lowers the production of melatonin, a natural hormone used by your body to regulate your sleep. This hormone is normally produced when it gets dark outside so that we are able to fall asleep more easily when it's time to go to bed.
Blue light actually fools your brain into thinking it's still light out! This is how your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV influences the quality of your sleep. Read on to find out what you can do about it.

Reluxer blocks 'bad blue light' for better sleep quality.

Are my eyes deteriorating because of digital screens?

More and more studies now point out that blue light doesn't just effect your sleep, but it also affects eye health. The latest research has uncovered a relationship between blue light intake and the rate at which your eyes age.
The strain that blue light puts on our eyes cause the cells on the retina to age and die at a higher pace. The problem is that we only have a finite number of these cells. The NOS (a Dutch public service broadcaster) reported in 2018 that one in four children under the age of 13 needs glasses. Stichting Oogfonds Nederland, a foundation aimed at eliminating eye problems and blindness through research and education has reported in 2017 that half of the people over the age of 20 are nearsighted.
Act today and start reducing your blue light intake, so that you may enjoy good eyesight in the future.

The average European consumer owns 3,5 screens. How many screens do you own?

What is 'digital eyestrain'?

Digital eye strain is a term that refers to all symptoms caused by prolongued screen time. These effects are noticeable after about two hours of looking at a screen. You could experience symptoms such as tired or dry eyes, headaches or (temporarily) reduced eyesight after screen time.
Blue light has a short wave length, causing it to get scattered more easily. In your eyes this causes a lot of unnecessary visual stimuli, which makes it hard for your eyes to process screen light.
The strain that your screen puts on your eyes can lead to overload of the eyes. If your eyes are sensitive to light, the effects will be more prominent. Light sensitivity is often a problem for people with lighter eye colors, as light passes through lighter eyes more easily.

Which devices emit blue light?

Virtually all devices with a screen emit blue light, especially LCD and OLED screens. You should especially be wary of devices that are closer to your face when using them, such as smartphones. Your smartphone is responsible for significantly more blue light intake than your laptop or TV.
It's also important to know that the effects of blue light are stronger the less ambient light there is. It's short wavelength means blue light is able to reach deeper into your eyes than other visible light. In a low-light environment the negative effects are enhanced. Make sure you always use your digital devices in a well lit environment.
If you spend more than two hours a day behind a screen, you may find yourself experiencing these negative effects. Symptoms include headaches, insomnia, bad quality of sleep and tired eyes. It's improtant to regularly take breaks from your screen.

Does the night mode on my phone protect me?

There is no research confirming that the night mode on your smartphone actually works. Taking the blue colors out of the screen doesn't necessarily mean it emits less blue light. Either way, we recommend using the night mode and switching it on around sunset or in badly lit environments.

But... Not all blue light is bad!

Blue light also had some advantages and that's why it's not a good idea to eliminate ALL the blue light from your life. It is specifically the shorter wavelengths of blue light, closer to UV-light on the spectrum that are harmful for your eyes. These are the wavelengths Reluxer will block, not the 'good light'.
Longer wavelengths of blue light actually have a number of positive effects on wakefulness, memory, cognitive function and your mood. This is why it's not good to block all blue light. Only the pros and not the cons. That's what our computer glasses are about.

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